Monday, November 30, 2009

Today, I was trolling around on gun control sites and landed at some site sponsored by the Brady campaign. I like to hang out in enemy territory because understanding is the first step to refuting an argument. (As my psychologist husband often says, "Seek first to understand, then to be understood" - not my favorite saying, especially when he is trying to counsel me in the middle of an argument; to which I generally reply "Shoot first, ask questions later," but I digress.)

Anyways, one of their arguments was that eliminating guns from society would usher in a new age of peace and safety because even though only criminals would then have guns, there would be fewer criminals with guns overall. I thought - well, that presumes that any number of armed criminals against unarmed innocent victims is preferable to criminals having guns and citizens having the means to defend themselves. I can live with the latter, but not the former. And it's arrogant to presume that anyone should be prohibited from protecting themselves just to make others feel better.


Ali Rawaf (The Iraqi Future) said...

In my opinion, there are people who own weapons, there others who know how to use weapons, and there are ones who use it.

I can see your point but as an Iraqi, I can tell you that right after the war, an Iraqi house had an average of 2 weapons. Everyone bought the weapons in order to defend and protect themselves. When terrorists came to our neighborhoods, I thought my people would revolt and fight with the massive number of weapons all of them had at the time but no one did. They were more capable of living in fear than to shoot their guns at the source of that fear.

annie oakley said...

With all the people in the US who have bought guns in the last year, I share what may be your concern that many likely do not know how to properly use their guns. Safety training and regular practice is critical.

I consider gun ownership and usage a very serious commitment. Before buying a gun I took a gun safety course. Afterwards, I began practicing at the range at least once a week, attended a 3-day pistol shooting course and now participate in practical shooting competitons. I do all this not only because I really enjoy it but so that if the day comes when I have no other choice but to use my gun, I will be ready.

Part of the reason I started this blog was to encourage people to understand that having a gun is a serious commitment, not an insurance policy.

Thanks for your thoughts on Iraqis and guns. I suppose there are larger reasons that they did not use their guns to protect themselves and band together against terrorists but I find it sad and puzzling that they did not, at least in the beginning.

NutellaonToast said...

OMFG. Your husband must hate you/not exist.

annie oakley said...

Nut - thanks for stopping by! You're wrong, as usual.